Association of Biomedical Communications Directors, Inc.

Individual membership in ABCD is open to persons who have common managerial concerns in academic health science communications settings. There are two categories of individual membership:

Active Member - Individuals who direct a biomedical communications service or similar facility* in a school or in an academic health science center (both of which must grant degrees in health or life science fields and both of which are hereinafter referred to as "Sponsor"). The only exceptions shall be the directors of biomedical communications centers or similar facilities serving unique institutions, agencies or government entities which are not degree granting institutions but which provide educational technology services of value to a broad health sciences clientele. The submission of complete and accurate data for the member's areas of professional responsibility for the ABCD Annual Survey is a requirement for Active Membership.

Associate Member - Individuals with full responsibility for programs other than biomedical communications, but directly related to the interests of academic biomedical communications programs, and individuals who have been biomedical communications directors but have left the directorship and maintain an interest in the field, may apply to become Associate Members. Also, a subordinate member of a Biomedical Communications management team, such as an associate director, may apply for membership in this category with the recommendation of the institution's active member. Associate members are responsible for the payment of fees or dues determined by the Board of Governors.