Meetings and Events

Come to Rochester, Minnesota this summer for our ABCD/AMI/BCA Annual Meeting

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Enjoy encounters with fellow medical artists, photographers, videographers, librarians, scientists and innovators. Learn about what your colleagues are doing in their academic, research and other healthcare institutions. Share your expertise and ideas with other media professionals.

This year, we’ll be joining the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) and the BioCommunications Association (BCA) at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN, July 23-26. You’ll be able to attend workshops and sessions with any of the three organizations, and you can explore the magnificent attractions, restaurants, sporting events, and entertainment that Rochester offers.

You’re guaranteed to be stimulated by the robust program, wonderful lineup of speakers, riveting presentations and informative workshops. The opportunity to meet with friends and meet new colleagues is one you can’t pass by.

More information to follow.


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