ABCD Membership Benefits

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Annual Meeting - The Association of Biomedical Communications Directors (ABCD) is an association of biomedical directors who are committed to promote the establishment, growth and effective use of information, communications and educational technology to meet the growing needs of health education, patient care and biomedical research.

Recognition – Each year at our annual meeting, members receive professional awards for their contribution to the field.

The Journal of Biocommunication – The Journal is produced in partnership with several professional associations. It is available on line. It is fully index journal, which includes scientific articles, abstracts, technical notes and descriptions of management approaches. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas, a resource for continuing education and has a tradition of excellence in professional peer communications.

Experience and Expertise – Our members who are serving ABCD in leadership roles have a wealth of experience and expertise to share. Click here to read more about the 2009-2010 ABCD Board of Directors.

Internet Networking –, ABCD listserv and ABCD Blog facilitate net-working, exchange of ideas and provide members with on line news.

Survey – Annual Survey of Biomedical Communication Directors contains national and regional demographic data on biomedical communications units including such items as number of personnel, salaries, types and number of programs served, and pricing data.

Active Members - While in good standing, an Active Member is eligible to participate fully in every activity of the Association. Active Members may vote in any general or special election, hold office, and/or serve on any committee, board or other officially constituted body to which they have been duly appointed or elected.

Associate Members - While in good standing, Associate Members are eligible to participate in all of the organization's activities except that they may not serve as officers of the Association or as regional representatives on the Board. One Associate Member will be elected to represent this membership classification on the Board of Directors. This representative will be eligible to serve on and chair all committees except the Membership Committee.